SP TEST, 240702

Sinchon Project English Speaking Test for 자연 : Intermediate Mid
Q) How was your day today? Did anything special happen?
Today is quite rainy day
Nothing was special
So we have the less prescription
We are not busy
We ate some cookies
My score is 3 or 5 because I worked hard and also I started to learn ballet
But I experienced some burnout from my job
And I talked to the manager of the pharmacy
He told me it will pass out
So just calm down and let's come together
Everything is okay and very peaceful
Q) So, July is a month when many people take vacations. Can you describe a memorable vacation you took and explain why it was special to you?
My memorable vacation is two years ago
I ran out from the hospital which I work
I went to the USA, California which my friend is at master's degree
Q) Can you explain a hobby or activity that you're passionate about and how you got started with it?
Now I'm in ballet
I didn't know I would start ballet because I was working out at gym
The PT trainer ran out suddenly and he didn't even notice to me
Of course I got the exchange
I just walk around near here and I found ballet Academy and I just go there and consulting the teacher
I'll start this and I found that it's very funny and very raising my muscle
I was not flexible enough and now I can do better
Q) So we're gonna get into more argumentative questions. So should students wear uniforms in school? What do you think?
In fact, I didn't wear uniform when I was in high school
I think that with uniform is student must wear uniform at the time
I think that student should not wear a uniform because they have their own personality and they should raise their some their characteristics for how to wear clothing or reveal their some personality and And uniform is very uncomfortable
And when I was in middle school, we must wear the skirt
Q) Do you think it's better who live in the city or the countryside.
I think it's better to live in the city because there are some convenience facilities in the city and so many hospitals and some cultural things
Of course, country is good for some fresh air and cheaper house. But I think that when I get older or some disease or to meet my friends or something.
I want to live in a city but I prefer traveling countries because I love nature but to live we need some facilities to control my disease or some delivery, food delivery
Q) Do you think Is homework is necessary for learning.
I think homework is necessary because if we are a learning person, we don't know what is important or what we need to memorize or some Yeah, homework helps that because it is very different just reading or just listening.
I hate homework of course but after I started working, sometimes I had some opportunities to teach in a lab young
Q) And is it better to have one close friend or many friends?
It is so hard because I prefer one close friend
I don't think one is not enough but we need two or three, more than two or three close friends but not many
Time always helps me to minimize the friends' numbers
Q) Do you think, should pets be allowed in apartments?
I think that it should be allowed because nowadays pets are our family and we should live in our house
I think that the person do not cleaning after the path some poop or pee that is very bad but living in just apartment in their own space it's not bad
I don't think that's bad but if there is noise or some or there are some threatening people, some fight, it can be forbidden.
Sinchon Project English Speaking Test Detailed Feedback

Evaluation Criteria

Good Expressions: Phrases or sentences that are naturally and effectively communicated.
Grammatical Errors: Mistakes in grammar that affect the readability or accuracy of the sentence.
Clarity and Coherence: How clear and logically structured the sentence is.

Average Score Calculation

Sum of all scores: (4+4+3+3+3+3+3+4+3+3+3+3+3+3+3+3+3+3+3+3+3) = 67
Number of sentences: 21
Average Score: 67 / 21 ≈ 3.19


Based on the average score of 3.19, the overall proficiency can be categorized as Intermediate Mid.

Graph Data

Advanced Low: 0
Intermediate High: 4
Intermediate Mid: 17
Intermediate Low: 0
Novice High: 0
Novice Mid: 0
Novice Low: 0
Sinchon Project English Speaking Test Analytical Advice for Improving English Speaking Skills
Focus on Grammar and Sentence Structure:
Pay attention to the correct use of articles ("a rainy day" instead of "rainy day").
Ensure sentences are complete and grammatically correct (e.g., "Nothing special happened" rather than "Nothing was special").
Use the correct tense to match the context (e.g., "We were not busy" for past events).
Use Appropriate Vocabulary:
Choose words that are commonly used in the context (e.g., "had some cookies" is more natural than "ate some cookies").
Use the correct form of words for countable and uncountable nouns (e.g., "fewer prescriptions" instead of "less prescription").
Improve Sentence Flow and Clarity:
Combine related ideas into a single, coherent sentence (e.g., "So just calm down and let's do it together" instead of "let's come together").
Avoid redundancy and ensure each sentence conveys a clear message (e.g., "I think it's better to live in the city because there are convenient facilities, hospitals, and cultural activities").
Practice Consistent Verb Tenses:
Maintain the same tense throughout a narrative to ensure consistency (e.g., "Everything was okay and very peaceful" instead of "Everything is okay and very peaceful").
Expand Vocabulary and Expressions:
Learn and use a variety of expressions to articulate ideas more precisely (e.g., "I started doing ballet" instead of "I am in ballet").
Use specific terms for clarity (e.g., "refund" instead of "exchange" when referring to getting money back).
Understand and Use Idiomatic Expressions:
Familiarize yourself with idiomatic phrases and their appropriate contexts (e.g., "go by" instead of "pass out" to indicate the passage of time).